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Home pest control
[Image: aHR0cDovL3d3dy5saXZlc2NpZW5jZS5jb20vaW1h...V5LmpwZw==]
Based on the monitoring and inspection results recorded in the building register, recommendations for prevention or blocking measures intended to eliminate the gaps exploited by pests to attack the place are made.

Remove or dehydrate any aquatic organisms (ponds or marshes) close to the place, since it is known that the most attractive insects are the presence of Egypt renewable or permanent water, especially if it is stagnant, where some insects such as the mosquito lay eggs on the water, Live without water for one day, in addition to cover drainage holes (wells and cranes), repair of water leaks that may exist in the building, and permanent cleanliness of surfaces
Drying food sources, such as garbage, home bird food and pet food are kept in well closed places.
Sliding cracks, holes and thresholds from which insects can be carried. It is worth mentioning that an average sized mouse rat can access your home from an opening that does not exceed the width of the pencil, as well as the installation of a layer of fine wire on the windows and ventilation openings and garden doors.
Third: Monitoring

The monitoring aims at:

Control of pests after natural control and prevention measures, whether they arise again or not.
Monitoring of pest prone areas to address the emergence of pests from the outset.
Monitoring the effectiveness of prevention and control methods.

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