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how to get rid of insects
[Image: 14775428-1.jpg]

The monitoring aims at:

Control of insects after natural control and prevention measures, whether they arise again or not.
Monitoring of pest prone areas to address the emergence of pests from the outset.
Monitoring the effectiveness of prevention and control methods.
IV. Integrated pest management techniques

The most important integrated pest management techniques are:

Use the most effective insects and least risky options.
Use innovative treatments such as safe thermal treatments.
Use physical control methods such as, baits, traps and traps.
The use of pesticides when absolutely necessary, after taking all necessary health measures to preserve the individuals and the surrounding environment.
Work on the use of low toxic pesticides when controlling agricultural pests to prevent contamination of food.

The importance of insects integrated pest management:
First, the EPA recommends the use of an integrated pest management approach in schools to reduce children's exposure to pesticide contamination and pesticides used to combat them.

Second: Clean methods of pest control contribute to the reduction of the material costs incurred on conventional chemical structures and the treatment resulting from their damage.

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